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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Lots of Layers TIOT challenge.

Hi Everyone
Think the title of this post should perhaps be lots of cross, as it has taken me a hour to schedule the post time.

There is lots of layers in my project for the challenge  over 500 in total if you count all the folds as one layer, if you want the basic layers then it's only 12 if you exclude the flowers.

This is a book fold for a class I am going to take for folk  who have not folded before, it's fairly straight forward and the flowers are easy to do after a little practice.

It's a Readers Digest book and the pages that have been removed from the front and back of the book have been used to created the flowers.

The flowers are called Kusudama, it's an origami flower any size square can be folded to make the petal you need between five and six petals to make each flower.

Here's some picture of the project.  Thanks for looking, I look forward to seeing you take on the theme, the rules and my team mates great projects are here.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Tiot challenge, it's frightening.

Well this was an epic, spent several hours making a project for this challenge only to not be able to find it, the lovely Dee has put it somewhere safe, hopefully I will be able to use it in another challenge if it's found spooky or what !

Here's my card I made this afternoon, it's a  diorama card, thanks to the lovely Janet for sharing a brilliant tutorial from Linda an Australian stamping up demonstrator for the diorama card design, the decoration is mine.

I used a stampin up set for the images on the card, there's some heat embossing on the card, it's something I have not done for ages until recently now I keep doing it !

Looking forward to seeing all your lovely projects, my team mates great projects are here and also the rules of the challenge.

Have a great week.  Hugs Bee.