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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tuesday Tutorial for Scrapbook Stamping Society

I cannot claim this album idea is mine have seen it on several blogs/web pages etc but don't know who had the original idea. The image is from here will be putting more of the images on.
One 12 by 12 piece of card
Two sheets of matching papers
Glue of choice
Embellishments to match
Usual tools

 Fold the 12 by 12 in half, horizontally and vertically use a bone folder for good creases
 Then from corner to corner both ways
 You with then need to cut from the outside edge to the middle once.

 Then fold up the card in concertina fashion, this is what you will end up with.
 Take the 12 by 12 paper and fold on the horizontal and vertical.

 Trim about an 8th of an inch from each of the edge while it is folded finishing with the folded edges. (You may want to trim a little more off it is personal taste)

 Then cut the squares in half, and stick to the album.
  You will need to be aware of the pattern layout if you have used a similar paper design to me.
You can see this in the picture above. 
 This is the album with the papers on both sides

These are the journal cards and the corner holders for them, I had these cut out already from a cutting file, but you could easily make them using a triangle and edging punch.

  This is the inside of the album.  It's really easy to  do, so have a go, if you leave a comment here when you have made one, I will come and look which I will really enjoy. I will be posting a male version later in the week here.
Hugs Bee


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